Kasra Jalilipour

Artist Statement

Kasra Jalilipour is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist. Through humour, provocation and storytelling their work often explores race, gender identity and sexuality. They work in a range of mediums including moving-image, sculpture, drawing, live performance and text. At the core of their practice is the concept of speculative historical fiction, looking at historical imagery through a queer lens.

Jalilipour’s solo shows include Arcade-Campfa at BayArt (Cardiff) 2023, Academy of Fine Art Gallery (Prague) 2018, and their live directorial debut Apocrypha of Later Saints commissioned by Centre for Live Art Yorkshire (Leeds). Group exhibitions include: Bomuldsfabriken: ARTendal (Arendal), Jackman Humanities Institute (Toronto), Circa X Dazed Class of 2022 (London, Berlin, Seoul, Melbourne), Trinity Square Video (Toronto), Eastside Projects, Quench Gallery, Amanda Wilkinson Gallery, Ingram Prize 2022.