The Wirksworth Pottery Company

Artist Statement

I have always had a love for everyday items which hold little monetary value but are full of sentimental or emotional value. I enjoy searching through the cupboard to find the right mug for the right moment, for the right tea or time of day. The feeling of this is what I aim to create for other people, making products which they are emotionally drawn to, not because they are high in value but because the consumer enjoys the feeling of using them.

My focus is creating everyday objects which elevate day to day actions by the way they look and feel. The process I use to make many of my items is Slip casting, a method used more commonly in mass production. However, each piece is hand refined, glazed and finished with added specific differences to make each piece still unique, allowing the customer to pick the one that speaks to them, creating an emotional attachment from purchase.

With over 14 years’ experience in ceramics, including Denby Pottery, myself and my team handmake ceramics in Wirksworth, Derbyshire.